Location of Meeting

All scientific sessions will be held at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Engineering Center and the Mathematics Auditorium. Click here for the University Campus Map.

The physical address for the Engineering Building is: 1111 Engineering Drive

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Image: Engineering Center buillding


Boulder’s weather in January is notorious for its unpredictability and can range from snow and freezing temperatures to mild, balmy weather with temperatures near 60°F (16°C). Normally, however, the weather is sunny and rather cool (40°F or 4°C) during the month, and there is little snow. Participants should bring appropriate clothing.

Image: Campus on a Snowy Winter Day

Campus Closures, Extreme Weather, and Other Emergencies

Be in the know. Know what to do.
CU Conference Services is committed to keeping our guests notified with up-to-date and real-time information in the infrequent event of campus closures, extreme weather and other emergencies. CUCS accomplishes this goal by providing a Keyword to opt-in to our automated RAVE Alert System.

Individuals simply text “CUCONFERENCE” to 67283. (Not case sensitive)
Individuals may end it by texting “STOP” at any time to 67283. Alerts are sent straight to mobile devices via our text messaging service.

The University of Colorado Boulder is committed to providing timely warnings and/or emergency notifications for situations that represent a serious or continuing threat to the campus community and visiting guests. If warranted, warnings may be followed by a clarification and/or instructional statement from CU Conference Services administration.

How to find additional information in an emergency:
On your mobile device Watch for text or e-mail alerts in the case of a campus closure or if there is a threat to personal safety.
On the web Visit for detailed campus closure and emergency information and updates.
On the phone Call the campus info line at 303-492-INFO (4636) for recorded information and updates relating to campus alerts.
By e-mail Check your e-mail after an emergency for support and resource information.
On social media Like CU Boulder on Facebook CU Boulder and follow @cuboulder and @cuboulderalerts on X (Twitter).

Health & Safety Information

Service Contact Number
Campus and Off-Campus Emergencies 911
CU Police Department (On-Campus, Non-Emergency) 303-492-6666
City of Boulder Police Department (Non-Emergency) 303-441-3333
Boulder Community Hospital 303-415-7000

Address: 4747 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80303

Smoking and Alcohol & Drug Policy

The University is a smoke-free environment; smoking is not permitted anywhere on campus. Electronic cigarettes are included in the smoking ban.

The University of Colorado Boulder Boulder is committed to excellence in all aspects of personal and academic life. We recognize that alcohol abuse and misuse is a significant impediment to achieving this excellence. Therefore, CU-Boulder permits only the responsible, legal consumption of alcohol. The university complies with all federal, state, and local laws concerning alcohol and illegal drugs.

Persons under 21 years of age cannot legally possess or consume alcoholic beverages. The furnishing of alcoholic beverages to underage persons is prohibited. Individuals who are of legal drinking age may possess and consume alcohol only in the privacy of their room with the door closed in their assigned residence hall room or at official conference catered events. Alcohol cannot be consumed or carried in open containers on any street, sidewalk, alley, automobile, or public area on campus. Any participant who consumes or possesses alcohol contrary to the above are subject to request for departing the premises and, upon request, shall leave the premises immediately.

The possession, use, sale, manufacturing, or distribution of Illegal ("Illegal" means unlawful under Colorado state law or federal law) drugs in the residence halls, including marijuana and drug paraphernalia including but not limited to pipes, hookahs, bongs, water pipes, etc. is not permitted. Marijuana remains a controlled substance under the federal Controlled Substance Act and, accordingly, is Illegal. Any participant who involves themselves in the use of possession of Illegal drugs are subject to the campus’s request to depart the premises and, upon request, shall leave the premises. A participant may also be subject to legal action.

Possession of firearms, explosives, fireworks, incendiary devices, ammunition, other weapons, or instruments designed to look like any of the above will result in the possible immediate removal from campus.