Presentation Guidelines

Instructions for Presenters

All oral presentations are allocated a 20-minute time slot. These 20 minutes include the presentation, questions, any discussion, and the transition to the next presentation. It is strongly recommended that speakers plan on a 15-16 minute presentation to allow 4-5 minutes for questions; speakers typically cover at most one to two slides per minute.

Each room at the conference will contain the following audio/visual equipment for your use: an LCD (computer) projector (for PowerPoint or PDF format presentations). All materials should be prepared with clarity and visibility in mind. Please remember to embed all fonts in PowerPoint and PDF presentations. The use of Adobe Type 3 fonts (common in some installations of LaTex, for example) is strongly discouraged. Such fonts do not scale well, and they tend to produce very poor results when projected.

Oversized, bold lettering and heavy lines are recommended. Speakers should meet session chairs at least 20 minutes before the scheduled start of the session to load their presentations on the PC laptops in the presentation rooms. The use of personal laptops is not permitted.

All papers must be presented in person at the symposium in order to be eligible for inclusion in IEEE Xplore.

The session chairs for your session will fill out a session feedback form where they will mark whether or not your paper was presented during the session. If the form indicates that the paper was not presented, it will automatically become ineligible for submission to IEEE Xplore.