Topics and Special Sessions

Chair: Matthew Simons |

Special Sessions:
  • Quantum Sensors & Metrology Commission A
  • Antennas
  • Bioeffects and medical applications
  • EM- field metrology
  • EMC and EM pollution
  • Impulse radar
  • Interconnect and packaging
  • Materials
  • Microwave to submillimeter measurements/standards
  • Millimeter-wave and sub-mm wave communications
  • Noise
  • Planar structures and microstrip circuits
  • Quantum metrology and fundamental concepts
  • Time and frequency
  • Time domain metrology

Chair: Reyhan Baktur |

Special Sessions:
  • Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Sensing and Imaging Commission B
  • Near-Field and Far-Field Wireless Power Transfer Commissions B/K
  • High Power Microwaves Environment Effects Commission B
  • Advanced Modeling Techniques and Algorithms in Computational Electromagnetics Commission B
  • Antennas for Planetary Exploration Commission B
  • Quantum Technology Applications in Electromagnetics and Remote Sensing Commissions F/B
  • Shaping Fields and Waves for a Smart Electromagnetic Environment Commission B
  • Multifunctional Antennas and Arrays for Satellite and Wireless Communications Commission B
  • Metasurfaces for Advanced Antennas and Structures Commissions B/K
  • Antennas
    • Antenna theory, design, and measurements
    • Antenna arrays and systems
    • Microstrip and printed antennas, circuits, and devices
    • Antenna feeds and reflector and reflectarray antennas
  • Propagation, Scattering, Sensing
    • Electromagnetic propagation, scattering, and interaction
    • Guided-wave structures and systems
    • Imaging, inverse scattering, and remote sensing
    • Wireless sensors, networks, and communication
  • Numerical Methods
    • Integral-equation methods
    • Finite-element, finite-difference, and hybrid methods
    • Computational electromagnetics, analysis, and optimization
  • Theory, Materials, Education
    • Electromagnetic Theory
    • Metamaterials and complex media
    • Electromagnetics education
  • Devices, Systems, Applications
    • RF and microwave devices, structures, and systems
    • THz and optical antennas, devices, and systems
    • Biomedical applications of fields and waves

Chair: Dev Palmer |

Special Sessions:
  • Physical Layer Technologies for Directional and Secure Networking Commission C/D
  • Addressing digital divide through radiocommunication systems
  • Artificial intelligence/Machine learning for RF systems
  • Cognitive radio
  • Computational imaging and inverse methods
  • Computational resource management
  • Distributed sensor networks
  • Dynamic spectrum networks
  • Physics-based signal processing
  • Quantum RF theory/Technologies/Applications
  • Radar Systems
  • Radar target detection, localization, and tracking
  • RF spectrum convergence/Harmony/Maneuver
  • Sensor array processing and calibration
  • Signal processing for radar remote sensing
  • Software-defined and cognitive radio/Radar/Sensing
  • Statistical signal processing of waves in random media
  • Synthetic aperture and space-time processing

Chair: Jonathan Chisum |

Special Sessions:
  • Physical Layer Technologies for Directional and Secure Networking Commission D/C
  • Electronic devices, circuits and applications
  • Photonic devices, circuits and applications
  • Physics, materials, CAD, technology and reliability of electronic and photonic devices, in radio science and telecommunications
  • Wide bandgap materials
  • THz electronics
  • Reconfigurable RF

Chair: Charles Dietlein |

Special Sessions:
  • TBD
  • Radio-communication systems (IoT, 5G, NextG, MIMO, MISO) in presence of noise
  • Radiofrequency (communication, radar, sensing, calibration, surveillance, telemetry, etc.) in presence of noise
  • Radiofrequency spectrum, medium utilization, and convergence (cognitive and cooperative techniques, electromagnetic spectral harmony)
  • Scientific basis and effects of natural and intentional emissions on system performance
  • Electromagnetic modeling of systems and environments (artificial, composite noise, terrestrial and planetary noise of natural origin)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility in computational electromagnetics, education, measurement technologies, standards, and radiation hazards
  • High-power electromagnetic effects of transients on electronic systems
  • Signal and power integrity

Chair: David Kunkee |

Special Sessions:
  • Troposcatter Commission F
  • Small Satellites Commission F
  • In Honor of Roger Lang Commission F
  • Quantum Technology Applications in Electromagnetics and Remote Sensing Commissions F, B
  • The INCUS Mission Commission F
  • 5G/6G Interference in Space-Borne Systems Commission F
  • Point-to-Point Propagation Effects:
    • Measurements
    • Propagation models
    • Multipath/mitigation
    • Land or water paths
    • Scattering/diffraction
    • Indoor/outdoor links
    • Mobile/fixed paths
    • Horizontal/slant paths
    • Surface/atmosphere interactions
    • Numerical weather prediction
    • Dispersion/delay
    • Natural/man-made structures
  • Microwave Remote Sensing of the Earth:
    • Atmospheric sensing
    • Field campaigns
    • Subsurface sensing
    • Radiation and emission
    • Urban environments
    • Ocean and ice sensing
    • Interferometry and SAR
    • Scattering/diffraction
    • Propagation effects
    • Soil moisture & terrain
  • Propagation and Remote Sensing in Complex and Random Media:
    • Specifics TBD

Chair: Thomas Gaussiran II |

Special Sessions:
  • Studies of the Gannon Storm - May 10-12, 2024, Session in Tribute to Dr. Jennifer Gannon (1978 -2024) Commission G
  • Meteors, Orbital Debris, and Dusty Plasmas Commission G/H
  • Ionospheric Modification Commission G/H
  • Machine Learning Techniques for Near Earth Space Science Commission G/H
  • Ionospheric imaging
  • Ionospheric morphology
  • Ionospheric modeling and data assimilation
  • Meteoroids and orbital debris
  • Radar and radio techniques for ionospheric diagnostics
  • Space weather - radio effects
  • Transionospheric radio propagation and systems effects

Chair: Chris Crabtree |

Special Sessions:
  • Meteors, Orbital Debris, and Dusty Plasmas Commission G/H
  • Ionospheric Modification Commission G/H
  • Active Experiments in Laboratory and Space Plasmas Commission H
  • Physics of the Radiation Belts Commission H
  • Machine Learning Techniques for Near Earth Space Science Commission G/H
  • Quantum Inspired Methods in Plasma Wave Dynamics Commission H
  • Heliospheric Observations of Waves in Plasmas Commission H
  • Chaos and turbulence in plasma
  • Plasma instabilities
  • Spacecraft-plasma interactions
  • Solar/planetary-plasma interactions
  • Space as a research laboratory
  • Space environment modeling and forecasting
  • Wave-wave and wave-particle interactions
  • Waves in space and laboratory plasmas

Chair: Alyson Ford |

Special Sessions:
  • CMB-S4 Commission J
  • DSA-2000 Commission J
  • New Telescopes, Techniques, and Technologies Commission J
  • Observatory Reports Commission J
  • Radio Science from the Moon Commission J
  • New Telescopes, Techniques and Technology and Observatory reports
  • Observatory Reports
  • Timely Technical Tutorials

Chair: Sima Noghanian |

Special Sessions:
  • Metasurfaces for Advanced Antennas and Structures Commission B/K
  • Near-Field and Far-Field Wireless Power Transfer Commission B/K
  • Electromagnetic Brain Stimulation Device Design and Modeling Commission K
  • Biological effects
  • Dosimetry and exposure assessment
  • Electromagnetic imaging and sensing applications
  • Human body interactions with antennas and other electromagnetic devices
  • Therapeutic, rehabilitative and other biomedical applications