Call for Papers

USNC-URSI Chair: Jamesina J. Simpson,
USNC-URSI Chair-Elect: Chris Anderson,
USNC-URSI Immediate Past Chair: Michael Newkirk,

Abstract and Summary Submissions

Abstract and summary preparation and submission instructions are posted. Authors have their choice of submitting one-page abstracts or two-page summaries, both of which may be archived in IEEE Xplore. Abstracts must have a minimum of 250 words, and summaries are limited to two pages. The deadline to submit is Wednesday, 13 September, 2024.

In order for an abstract/summary to be included in the proceedings and submitted to IEEE Xplore, at least one author must be registered and the corresponding presentation must be delivered in person. Registration is also required to attend any session of the meeting.

Abstracts or summaries on any topic relating to the ten Commissions listed below are welcome. Special sessions are being organized and are listed on the conference site here. Contact the appropriate USNC-URSI Commission Chair listed below or visit the Topics page on the meeting website for a list of topics and special sessions.


A: Electromagnetic Metrology
Chair: Matthew Simons;
F: Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing
Chair: David Kunkee;
B: Fields and Waves
Chair: Reyhan Baktur;
G: Ionospheric Radio and Propagation
Chair: Thomas Gaussiran II;
C: Radio Communication Systems and Signal Processing
Chair: Dev Palmer;
H: Waves in Plasmas
Chair: Chris Crabtree;
D: Electronics and Photonics
Chair: Jonathan Chisum;
J: Radio Astronomy
Chair: Alyson Ford;
E: Electromagnetic Environment and Interference
Chair: Charles Dietlein;
K: Electromagnetics in Biology and Medicine
Chair: Sima Noghanian;


For questions concerning conference logistics, please contact Christina Patarino at:

Abstract / Summary Submissions and Student Paper Competition Submissions are due by

September 13, 2024

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Ernest K. Smith USNC-URSI student paper competition

Prizes are available:

  • First Prize in the amount of $1000
  • Second Prize $750
  • Third Prize $500
The deadline for students to submit to this competition is the same as the regular submission deadline.

Student travel support

Travel support is available for students.