Template for One-Page Abstract

USNC-URSI National Radio Science Meeting


First A. Author(1), Second B. Author* (1), and Third C. Author(2)

(1) The ABC Company, Wash., DC, 20031, http://xxx.xxxx.xxx

(2) The Next Company, Neverland, USA


These instructions give you guidelines for preparing your one-page abstract for the USNC-URSI National Radio Science Meeting. The margins and required spacing between different sections are demonstrated for author’s convenience. If you are using Word 97-2003 or higher, just highlight each section and replace with your own text. Otherwise, use this as a guideline to compare your final document in terms of margins, font sizes, and spacings. The required format is a single page abstract of at least 250 words. The abstract should briefly describe the scope of the work and clearly identify the focus of the presentation at the meeting. 


The language of the symposium is English. The text should be formatted single-column, single-spaced and sized for 215.9´279.4 mm (8.5´11 inch) paper. The title should be centered 1 inch from the top of the first page and put in bold. The name(s) of the author(s) and complete organizational affiliation should be two lines below the title. If there are multiple authors, the presenter is to be identified with an asterisk. The text should start three lines below the last name. Left and right margins should be 38.1 mm (1.5 inches). A 25.4 mm (1 inch) margin should be at the top and bottom of all pages. Paragraphs are to be separated with one blank line. Submission must withstand a linear reduction to 70% of original size and maintain readability. While the font type is author’s choice, minimum requirement of 11 point is recommended to maintain readability. All submissions will be electronic and in a PDF format (*.pdf). Embedded Type 1 or True Type fonts are required in the submitted PDF file as subset fonts. Type 3 fonts (bitmaps) will not be accepted.


Do not include a list of references; a few open-literature references may be included parenthetically, for example: (R.L. Lewis and J.R. Johler, Radio Sci., 2, 75-81, 2976). Acknowledgement of financial support is not deemed appropriate. The paper should indicate clearly what new knowledge is contributed and the relationship to previous work.


Only electronic submissions in PDF format will be accepted. Only the corresponding author will receive a submission acknowledgement.