REVISED Author Submission Instruction

USNC/URSI National Radio Science Meeting

Submission Instructions Page

Papers need to be submitted electronically on the Submission page. All papers need to follow strict format requirements. Instructions about these requirements are provided in the templates provided on the webpage that is linked to the “Submissions” tab. Authors are encouraged to use these templates to generate their papers. Please follow the instructions in these templates.


  • All pdf files should have fonts embedded. Do not use Type 3 bitmap fonts.
  • Please have available prior to entry into the submission site:
    • Author information (Name, Contact, E-mail, and Organization Info)
    • Title of paper and Technical Topic Area
    • PDF file (of URSI abstract)
  • Your PDF will be checked for format compliance. Noncompliant papers may be rejected or returned for correction. The biggest sources of problems are not following the correct format (including length requirements) for the abstract or summary, and not embedding all fonts.
  • If you are submitting a revision (before the deadline), simply upload the paper again.
  • Special Session Paper Authors: All papers in special sessions should meet the requirements of URSI-USNC. Special session papers should mention the session title and chair in the “Notes to the Program Committee” for identification. Special sessions are denoted with an asterisk before the title of the session.

PDF Preparation

Helpful Suggestions to Avoid PDF Problems and Compliance Failures:


  • Turn off Adobe Acrobat Encryption or Security Settings (NO Passwords).
  • Always Use Type 1 or TrueType Fonts, and not Type 3 (bitmap) fonts.
  • Embed All Fonts.
  • Scanned PDF files are NOT acceptable.
  • Do Not include links or bookmarks.
  • A resolution of 600dpi should be used. For graphics this means:
    • 600 dpi for black & white
    • 300 dpi for grayscale
    • 300 dpi for color
  • Always Check your results.
  • Special Note for LaTeX users: Font problems are often caused by fonts embedded in EPS graphics (or PDF graphics). If there are font problems, check you graphic files and then recreate the PDF.

For useful information from IEEE on PDF preparation, consult the IEEE PDF guide for authors and also use the job-options file for Acrobat Distiller.